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International cooperation

Kazakhstan is the state open for communication and partnership. We bring international cooperation to the level of priorities in the sphere of education system and science development.

One of the important direction of MES RK activity is developing cooperation between the states and international organizations in the sphere of education and science. Year by year this cooperation is extending dynamically.

At the present time 81 international agreements in the sphere of education are implemented. In 2009, 10 international agreements in the sphere of education and science were concluded.

Above 150 organizations of education and science has direct links with foreign partners. Today more than 25 thousand students from Kazakhstan are studying abroad. Their knowledge and experience is a valuable contribution for future of our state.

It has been conducting 68 international meetings and consultations on international cooperation issues in the sphere of education and science. Developing cooperation with CIS member-states is the factor of growing international connection significance. Working-out of unified educational area and politics with CIS member-states is one of the priority direction of developing international connection.

MES RK is an active member of judicial ground creation process in CIS unified education area. In the framework of cooperation 6 model laws have been worked out (about education, about adult education, about secondary education, about out-of-school education, about preschool education, about licensing). These documents have been used in developing national legislation.

Kazakhstan also contributed to the creation process of such documents. For example, MES RK worked out the model law about licensing.

For 2 years Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zh. Tuimebayev have been a Chairman of the Board of Interstate Humanitarian Fund of CIS member-states cooperation. Under his auspices joint meeting of Humanitarian Cooperation Council and Interstate Humanitarian Fund of CIS member-states cooperation have been held.

According to the decision of 15th Conference of CIS member-states Ministers of Education in April 2010 are planned to conduct the first congress of teachers, workers of education of CIS member-states in Kazakhstan .

The aim of the Congress is to generalize experience and practice of leading organizations, education control bodies and educators of CIS countries on issues rising quality and effectiveness of providing educational services, disseminating educational technologies, advancing (developing) teachers training and rising effectiveness of investments in education.

At present, under the Agreement of Commonwealth Network University of CIS is being formed. The aim of creating such university is to develop and implement analogues of program as Erasmus Mundus in a framework of CIS member-states unified education area.

In this project Kazakhstan presents such universities as Eurasian National University named after L. Gumilyev, Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi and South – Kazakhstan State University named after M. Auezov.

Similar project is implemented in the framework of collaboration between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

On the first stage of forming, Shanghai Cooperation Organization University is implementing such directions as regional studies, ecology, energy, IT and nano-technologies.

In this project 10 Kazakhstani leading universities are involved (Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilev, Kazakh Economical University named after T. Ryskulov, Kazakh National University named after K.I. Satpaev, Karaganda State Technical University, Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunication, Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov, East – Kazakhstan State Technical University named after D. Serikbayev, Karaganda Economic University of Kazpotrebsouz, Kazakh-British Technical University) as head universities of.

13 July 2009 the meeting of Kazakhstan and Shanghai Cooperation Organization University head universities' representatives was held in Almaty.

Nowadays the cooperation of Kazakhstan with the Eurasian economic community is developing. MES RK is an active member of Education Council at the Eurasian economic community Integration committee. 16th session of Council by training was held in Astana in 16 April, 2009.

Concrete directions of interaction of the European Union and Republic of Kazakhstan in an education sphere are carried out in frameworks of "Strategy of the European Union across the Central Asia: the Updated priorities for Kazakhstan". Educational programs TEMPUS, Erasmus Mundus, CAREN allow Kazakhstan students to graduate from European universities and scientist can participate in doing scientific researches and exchange know-how. The higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan are active participants of these projects as the results are the improvement of quality of higher education, preparation of qualified personnel in priority directions by involving universities in the general network of the European cooperation.

Cooperation of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the OSCE.

The entry into the organization has been dictated by aspiration of the Republic of Kazakhstan to actively participate in the all-European processes, which enable development and putting into practice the principles, which were written in the Helsinki final certificate of 1975 and other OSCE’s documents.

Memorandums of mutual understanding between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and OSCE about opening of Centre of OSCE in Almaty, and also with Bureau on affairs and the rights of the person/OSCE have been signed at a stage of a concrete definition of cooperation (The summit of Ministers for Foreign Affairs OSCE, Oslo, 2-3 December, 1998).

The chairmanship of Kazakhstan in OSCE began since January, 2010. Carrying out some events in all spheres of a public life of Kazakhstan including the education sphere, events are planned in the frame of great occasion. The Events plan on carrying out an exhibition of children's drawing "the World without violence in the eyes of children" in the frame of OSCE have already been approved (Vienna, June, 2010).

As part of the chairmanship of Kazakhstan to OSCE, the President of Kazakhstan initiated the implementation of the educational program for the citizens of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

As a result, the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on cooperation in the field of education was signed in Kabul on 22 November 2009. As part of the agreement, Kazakh Party annually from 2010 to 2014 accept on education 200 person among citizens of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan which include 140 person to the higher education institutions and 60 person to the technical and vocational education institutions. Enrollment in higher education institutions for medical professions will be carried out from 2010 to 2012.

Total amount of students are 1000 person, among them 700 person to the higher education institutions, and 300 person to the technical and vocational education institutions. Training will be carried out at the expenses of the Republic of Kazakhstan till 2019. (medical professions till 2020).Training of the students of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is carried out at the higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the following specialties: healthcare (200 students), agriculture (135 students), internal law (military specialties) (75 students), humanitarian specialties and journalism (45 students), protection of state border (45), engineering (100) and pedagogical specialties (100).

Training of students of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in technical and vocational educational organizations of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out according to the professions and specialties defined annually by the Afghan Party, taking into account the opinions and possibilities of the Kazakh Party.

The Republic of Kazakhstan provides afghan students with free accommodation, scholarship, medical care and transport charges including summer holidays.

The massive help on training afghan students is the key input to OSCE in anticipating dissemination of terrorism ideology and extremism. Offering possibilities for afghan young people to get quality education is an important action for resolving problem of drug addiction.

The tremendous potential of cooperation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan with UN Development program, UN Children 's Fund, Worldwide organization of healthcare, UN Program for environment and other organizations has been developed.

^ The realization of the international “Bolashak” scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev from 5th November 1993, the international “Bolashak” scholarship was established. The idea of assisting the young people of Kazakhstan in getting quality education abroad is the basis of that initiative.

By the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev of November 5, 1993 international scholarship “Bolashak” is established. The basis of this initiative was the idea of assisting talented youth in receiving high-quality education abroad for the further implementation of the experience gained for the welfare of the state.

The second life of the program has become the initiative of the Head of state on the evaluation of the annual number of scholars of “Bolashak” program up till 3000 students, which was given publicity in the annual address to the people of Kazakhstan in February of 2005. By this decision Kazakhstan declared itself as a state oriented on the rapid increase of the level of knowledge of its population and the development of skilled potential of the country. Since 2005 realization of the competition for international scholarship “Bolashak” have been conducted JSC “Center for International Programs”.

The basic principles of international scholarship “Bolashak” remained unchanged:

  • high level of preparation of candidates;

  • realization of the competitive selection according to the principle of transparency and justice;

  • placement of scholars in the leading world universities for education;

  • conservation of the positive image of the program in the country and abroad.

Practically, all the stages of the competitive selection are conducted by foreign independent educational agencies which have high level of trust throughout the world. Thus, English language exam is conducted by British Council and American Councils for international education, German language exam – German DAAD agency, Japanese language exam – Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Psychological test is realized by independent body, experts committee include representatives of the different state bodies, representatives of international educational agencies and other independent experts.

The List of the foreign leading institutes of higher education, scientific centers and laboratories, recommended for study and research internship for the scholars of international scholarship “Bolashak” in 2009 was limited up to 200 best universities from 21 countries, taking leading positions in Shanghai Rating and TIMES Rating.

With a view of even preparation of specialists under priority directions of the economy of the country, international scholarship “Bolashak” is now awarded according to the annual List of the most important majors for Kazakhstan which is approved by the Republic committee for preparations professionals abroad. This list is being formed on the basis of inquiries from ministries, departments, national companies, institutes of development and also state programs of development in the priority fields of economics and industry. Special attention is being paid to the preparation within the program of specialists qualified in technical fields. The List of 2009 consists of 81 majors for academic study and 121 majors for research internship. In accordance with nowadays demand of the economy, every year changes and additions are included in the List of priority majors for awarding “Bolashak” scholarship and in the Selection Rules for awarding scholarship; priorities are set in the directions of preparing specialists within the frameworks of the program.

Nowadays, 2960 (Table 1) “Bolashak” scholars study within this program. Doors of the best universities of 26 countries are open for them. These countries are Great Britain, USA, Russian, Germany, Canada, France, Australia and others. Permanent progress and discipline monitoring of scholars is conducted.

During the years of existence of the scholarship about 2000 young and talented Kazakhstan citizens received education in the leading institutes of the world. The total amount of 2009 graduates will make 835 students – this is the largest graduation in the whole history of realization of “Bolashak” program (Chart 1).

“Bolashak” scholarship has become an index of its kind of success and high-level professionalism of its graduates. Graduates of “Bolashak” program accomplish labor activity in all of the priority fields of state development (Chart 2). Graduates take main and supervisory positions in Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Government, ministries and departments, institutions of the development, national and private companies such as NC “KazMunayGas”, JSC “National welfare fund “Samruk-Kazyna”, JSC “National Scientific-Technological Holding “Parasat”, JSC “Kazakhstan contract agency”, JSC “National center for public service staff administration”, JSC “National information holding “Arna Media”, JSC “Development Bank of Kazakhstan”, JSC NC “KazCosmos” , etc.

Not only high and important positions that graduates of “Bolashak” program take, serve as the evidence of the relevance of these graduates, but also the inquiries of the large domestic and foreign companies of submitting the contact data of the scholars.

History demonstrates that for the fulfillment of economic miracle and technological break-through, states have always relied on the progressive professionals of its time – intellectual elite. Kazakhstan has already started the burst in its development, and, no doubt, the names of those people who made considerable contribution to the development of some field will leave their prints in history. And, absolutely, in the book of new history of the development of Kazakhstan a page will be written about the role of Bolashak scholars in the development of the country.

^ Table 1. The number of scholars in the context of countries of study



Study in the country








Great Britain






























New Zealand



























Czech Republic









South Korea








Chart 1. Graduates of “Bolashak” program of 2005-2009

Chart 2. Graduates of the program in the context of places of labor activity accomplishment.


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